The Noise Isolation Device for Swimming Pool Pumps

Many residences and commercial establishments have outdoor swimming pools equipped with noisy water-filtration devices. For motel owners, this can result in a loss of room rental space. For homeowners, it can fray nerves and damage relations with neighbors.

Birth of a prototype

It all started a few years ago when founder Laurent Teisseyre purchased his first swimming pool. Because of the proximity of the equipment to his house, he made sure to get the quietest pump in the market at that time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quiet enough — the noise prevented him from sleeping, and his neighbor could hear it as well.

The problem spurred Teisseyre to action, leading him to develop several prototypes in an attempt to attenuate the noise produced by cavitation.

He started by ordering expensive acoustic foam sheets on-line. He assembled these into a wooden frame, experimenting with a computer fan to dissipate the heat. The first model wasn’t reliable enough, because the enclosure needed to be weatherproof, yet allow air to circulate – a fine line, since fan failure could result in the pump overheating.

Fast forward to a boat show in San Diego. There, Teisseyre ran into an exhibitor that was using marine-proof materials to soundproof boat engine rooms. A dialog begun, and the exhibitor committed to produce a prototype.

The first prototype was installed and matured for 2 years to ensure it would be weather resistant and safe from environmental hazards. After several more improvements, Teisseyre was able to effectively reduce noise by 75-90% and a patent application was submitted in 2007. Today, he holds patent 7874400 for Serene+ since 2011, the only product of its type in the market for the last 10 years.


  U.S PATENT NO.: 7,874,400  

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