About Us

About Us

Premier Innovations, Inc. is a portal for innovators promoting inventions worldwide. Our main goal is to offer a friendly environment to bring new products into the market without the overhead. We would like to decrease the burden of starting entrepreneurship from scratch and help initiate a comprehensive road map to success. Membership will include access to a network of services such as; Patent firms, Corporate branding, web designs, market research, manufacturing along with other integral services.

Company slogan “Inspiration, Passion, Progress…”.

The founder for Premier Innovations Inc. is Laurent Teisseyre. As a French national he immigrated to this country nearly 30 years ago. After graduating from college in France with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he joined the French Navy and set upon “cruising” the world. Within a few years he decided to call San Diego, California his new home. Shortly after establishing himself in San Diego, he was hired as an electrical engineer at Teal Electronics Co.

With the onset of the computer age, Teisseyre found himself attracted to this industry and embarked on a Computer Science degree. Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, he joined the IT industry where as a programmer he has been able to develop small applications to optimize productivity for the work force. Later in his career,  he held several IT management positions reaching to Director for a prominent Defense Contracting Company.

Today, Teisseyre as a full-time entrepreneur, he is able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he has combined his electrical engineering and computer science backgrounds to form Premier Innovations Inc. He recalls that from an early age he enjoyed altering toys to make them faster and sleeker. He now thrives on creating and always focuses on innovative ideas. His passion lies in promoting inventions to try to resolve common daily problems.

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